Thursday, 8 September 2011

Comforting Bubbles

Product: The Comfortor Bubble Bar

Scent: Fruity & slightly sweet, Blackcurrants.

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The bubble bar is a unique product created by LUSH Cosmetics. Just break off a chunk of the bar and crumble under running water to create lots of soft, creamy bubbles! LUSH describes this bubble bar by saying 'it's like being hugged by a jolly blackcurrant', which is absoloutly spot on. When I'm feeling like a pick me up or need help relaxing, I run a bath and pop about an eighth (or more depending on how indulgent I'm feeling!) and have a nice soak. The cassis absolut in this gives it a warm but fruity aroma and makes it incrediably relaxing, and who can resist a pink bath! Not me!

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The bubbles definatly are a lot softer and creamier than anything I've ever tried before, and they seem to last a lot longer too. This is my favourite product from LUSH and I've also got my Mum using it. I currantly have two pieces of this stashed away and I always look forward to using it.